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Mar 21 / Mark Elliott,MD

Heathy Snacks for Weight Loss

Why do we need to plan on having snacks?  Why not just tough it through and forget about snacking?  Toughing it through is actually the wrong approach.  Did you know adolescents who snack on a regular basis, especially with high quality snacks have less chance of developing obesity than those teenager that snack less often?

Forgetting about snacks has several detrimental affects.  It sets you up to start burning muscle instead of fat.  It makes you more likely to reach for a quick unhealthy snack if you did not plan ahead for the healthy choice.  It creates potential wide swings with your glucose and insulin.  You avoid a snack- then reach for that quick sugar pick-me-up because you are so hungry- your glucose rises, your insulin then follows and does what it does best- help you store fat.

So the best way to continue a successful weight loss plan is to PLAN on a healthy snack, which should have hopefully about the same amount of protein as carbs, and be between 100 and 200 calories.

Use this list as some examples to keep handy so that you will have them ready either on the go, or at least have ready for your next shopping trip!

1/2  of our Metaboliq Chocolate or Lemon Bar

12 almonds

2 Tbsp Dry Roasted Peanuts

1 Ounce String Cheese (try warming it up for comfort)

Cheese Cubes Low fat or 2% (6)

3 ounces Deli Ham or Turkey

1 ounce Beef Jerky

1 hard Boiled Egg

8 ounces Milk

Celery stuffed with Peanut Butter or with cream cheese

Cottage Cheese- 1/2 cup- try it with 1 tsp honey!- 100 calories

Lettuce leaf wrapped around grated cheese

Sliced ham wrapped around raw green beans

Cucumber Boats filled with tuna salad or with ricotta

Half a Haas Avocado

6 ounces Greek yogurt

½ cup Whole milk yogurt (not fat free), mixed with 2 tablespoons no-added-sugar grated coconut and 1 packet of stevia

A scoop of cottage cheese topped with no-sugar-added salsa

Cold creamed soup- mix 4 ounces tomato juice and 1 tablespoon sour cream in a bowl.

Hopefully this gives you some realistic, no worry ideas to keep you on track.   As always, if you are ready to start your own program, feel free to contact me. Mark Elliott, MD

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